PAMM Accounts

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to help you increase your trading profits. Our latest feature allows you to leverage investors’ funds and trade the markets with the experts. Discover the PAMM Accounts.

What Are PAMM Accounts?

Percentage Allocation Management Module, or a PAMM Account, represents a pool of funds allocated by investors for traders to manage. The merged capital is then used to fund different trading accounts operated by experts to grow their profits.

The aim is to bridge the trading gap between seasoned traders, beginners, and investors in a way that benefits everyone!

There are two account types available, choose the one that matches your objectives.

PAMM Account Manager

This account type is for traders who will manage the capital received from investors. As a PAMM Manager, you will perform the trading operations using the pooled funds with the aim to gain profits yourself and ensure a profitable return on investment.

Pamm Account Manager

PAMM Account Investor

If your aim is to earn passive income, this account type is for you. Investors are those who choose to finance rather than perform the trades themselves. As a PAMM Investor, you allocate funds to the PAMM Manager’s pool to be used as trading capital and seek a profitable return.

Read the PAMM Account Terms and Conditions here.

Pamm Account Investor

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