Our Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate program and get paid up to $5 for every trading lot placed by your referrals.

More Traders,
Bigger Payouts

Tier 1 Affiliates = $3 Per Trading Lot.
Tier 2 Affiliates = $2 Per Trading Lot.
Tier 3 Affiliates = $0.25 Per Trading Lot.

Affiliate Program

10% Matching Override On Tier 1 Referred Affiliates

affiliate icon 1
Tier 1 Affiliate
refers a new Affiliate to join our program
affiliate icon
New Affiliate
refers a trader
affiliate icon
Referred Trader
places a trade, paying out a commission to the new affiliate
affiliate icon 10 percent
A 10% Override
of the total amount paid to the new affiliate is paid to the Tier 1 affiliate.

Become a Tier 1 Affiliate

The more commissions you earn from your referrals, the better your ranking is. Obtain “Tier 1” status, refer other affiliates and get a 10% override from their referral trades.


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Become a Tier 1 Affiliate

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