Islamic Trading Accounts

Masari Capital are constantly looking for ways to improve our trading platform to make it the best on the market. We have now introduced our Islamic trading account in line with Sharia Law.

Islamic Trading Account for Financial Trading

Masari Capital allows traders to trade markets 24/7, gifting them access to a variety of assets – Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, and more.

In the event that traders keep a position open overnight, they will need to pay a rollover fee. We offer Islamic accounts for those clients that cannot earn or pay interest due to their religious beliefs.

Islamic Trading Account

How Traders can Benefit

No interest on trades lasting longer than 24 hours. Our traders experience zero rollover interest consistently.

Another obvious advantage of Islamic accounts is that they allow traders to trade markets without breaking their faith. Masari Capital ensures financial inclusion for all clients, thus these accounts are available to all traders.

Please note: You will still be subject to commission fees, standard spreads, and any other standard fees.

Islamic Trading Account

Enjoy Swap-Free Trading in Minutes

1. Open and verify your Masari Capital trading account

2. Deposit funds

3. Once the funds have landed in your account you are ready to open an Islamic trading account

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Islamic Trading Account

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