Trading Security & Online Scams

Thanks to the internet, you can trade from the comfort of your own home. However, online activity always carries an extra risk in the form of scams and phishing, and traders can be vulnerable if they don’t look after their account security. Read on to find out more about staying secure with Masari Capital.

Scams & Phishing

Whilst the Masari Capital team endeavors to keep your account safe and sound, you should not underestimate the sophistication of potential scam campaigns.

Traders should be alert to any suspicious email or phone communications, especially when personal or financial details are requested.

Except for particular circumstances, we will NOT contact you by phone regarding withdrawals. If you are contacted by telephone, you can request an email from us to confirm any discussed details.

Trading Security & Online Scams

Log In Securely

Masari Capital is NOT affiliated with any other website memberships, academies, or accounts, so you should ONLY log in through our official URL at If you find a login link elsewhere, please do not click on it as we cannot guarantee its safety.

If you receive any suspect communications or find any doubtful links, please report them so we can help to protect our trading community.

Masari Capital Secure Log In

For more information on staying safe online, check out our FAQ section here.


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